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Fort Collins Coffee Roaster: 

WHO WE ARE // Bindle Coffee exists to provide a space and environment that gives people room to breathe, to dream and to enjoy beautiful food & coffee. Bindle is the forging of artistry and ritual. It is restorative and comforting. It is handmade. Sit & Savor.

THE COFFEE // Coffee begins its journey long before we drink it. It’s a wanderer in a sense, making it’s way into the homes and lives and millions of people around the world. We at Bindle care about where it is from and how it has been treated. We roast it the to the best of our abilities, hoping to bring out aromas and tastes that do it justice. We treat the farmers well, because they treat the coffee well. We won't settle for mediocrity. We care about the coffee, because we care about ALL the people involved in producing it & consuming it. There aren't any gimmicks. it's coffee- pure, simple & delicious.

All of our coffee is purchased through Direct Trade Relationships. Crop to Cup & Onyx Coffee are the “boots on the ground.”  

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